Cortec Biotechnology


CBC microbiologists gather water and soil samples directly from the field in order to discover promising microorganisms that can be turned into bioaugmentation or cleaning products.


Organisms are nurtured and isolated to obtain a pure culture. The highest performing microbes are selected and further studied to determine optimal environment and degradation abilities. Microbes with good performance are field tested and screened. Optimized microbes are sent on to pilot scale fermentation.


CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) measures are taken to ensure the fermenter and growth medium are clean and sterilized. Organisms are incubated according to optimum conditions and fermented 48-72 hours. The resulting fermentate is pasteurized, harvested, and centrifuged to concentrate the spores. Freeze drying is our preservation method to ensure highest quality fine powders.


Products are formulated based on application. For example, a product destined for waste water treatment would undergo BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) testing and be evaluated for best performance in waste water conditions. Stability testing is conducted on the new formula containing the strain. Incubated samples are screened for appearance, color, consistency, odor, and spores viability over time. Stable products go out on the market to resolve a host of waste treatment issues through natural biological processes!

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